In November of this year's moving day and removal considerations

    ipfk October will soon be over, if you missed the October move date, then wait until November, choose the November day to move. The following November 12 listed Nanshan moving company for your move day.

    November 2012 move date:

    on November 05, 2012 September lunar month (large) Monday 22nd Scorpio

    on November 06, 2012 September lunar month (large) 23rd Scorpion Two days per week

    November 11, 2012 to September ad (large) Sunday 28th Scorpio

    November 13, 2012 to September ad (large) Two days 30th week Scorpion

    November 14, 2012 ad October (small), 01th Scorpio

    on November 17, 2012 lunar calendar October (small) Saturday 04th Scorpio

    on November 23, 2012 lunar calendar October (small), 10th Sagittarius

    November 25, 2012 ad October (small) Sunday 12th Sagittarius

    on November 26, 2012 October lunar month (small), 13th Sagittarius

    November 29, 2012 ad October (small), 16th Sagittarius

    here to remind you to consider relocating:

    first of all, choose a moving day, the best move possible before noon that day moved, and moved in the day, when I walked in for the first time, be sure to pick up some valuable things in hand, such as holding a rice barrel, passbook, can not go empty-handed. Also, into a House not built construction. After the move, try to stop building construction. Moving things. If you want to do, be sure to date.

    If there is a pregnant woman, in the family, don't move, allows pregnant women to stay back for a while, after moving into the new House. Pregnant women not to take part in the whole process of moving as much as possible. New homes to "fire temple". Before you moved in the first three days, the home of the lights are all on, lit for three days and three nights, you move in on the third day, which is called fire temple.

    moving hearts need to treat, but not the same day. Move in day treat, if was too busy on the day after election day treat. After moving into a new home, often invite friends to tea, more popular at home. Move the master to be physically present. Open fire cooking the rice balls in the day of sweet tea. Moving day "stoves" must be fired, not cold stove. Can cook some sweet things, like sweet dumplings or sweet tea, eat something sweet, and a beaming.