Scope of services

Machinery relocation

Machinery relocation

   , in the many years of moving and transportation work, constantly sum up experience, improve service quality and expand the range of services, through the ISO900O quality certification. The company in 2008, the newly formed Ministry of lifting and hire technicians with years of experience, formation of a skilled team of lifting.

    second, the company equipped with forklifts, special trailers and other lifting equipment and specialized tools, repeatedly taking on large equipment relocation, the company promises, keep credit, dedicated to providing you with safe, good quality services.

    third, the scope of services: a variety of mechanical equipment. All kinds of boilers, large bulky items, exhibition displays, printing equipment, precision instruments, cut the container, air conditioning equipment, substation equipment.

    four, service content: transportation in place, overall planning the relocation of the factory, equipment, build a moving platform, agent equipment transport insurance.

    the company has: 17T, 25T, 45T, 60T, 75T, truck crane, 45T, 60T, 110T, arm crane, 3T, 5T, 6T, 10T, 15T, forklift, and a variety of relocation, lifting tools. Crane Bo of dozens of professional and technical workers of the company, specializing in heavy lifting, go down to the pit, equipment building, container handling, mechanical translation, localization, our service.

    mechanical lifting: factory installed lifting, driving, bridge erection, the dismantling of factories, machinery and equipment moving (relocation), large (KD) ship-handling and lighterage.

    soil lifting: Super high-rise steel structure of the building, flags, hoisting unit, compressor, central air conditioning, Elevator, large tank crane unloading, roads in place, hydraulic lift, promotion.

    company for many years to a new business model, Stern Taiwan management system, strict professional service spirit, offer good service for customer service.

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