Moving notice

    is our haven, can bring us warm. We are always moving, and moving about it says much that small is not small, we also need to be aware of the many considerations when moving. We often hear elderly people say move to choose an auspicious day, and move in some places have some practices. Move will have to prepare all the necessary items, such as: rice barrel eight full and red envelopes to the m barrels, above. Each of these places may be different, because of geographical differences. However, we still need to pay attention to when I moved some things, so let "moving company in Shenzhen" to talk about we need to pay attention to what.

    1, move, new home you need to remove something, preferably handled by others. Moved into a new House, best do it yourself. Moved into a new house with his family empty-handed into the House.

    2, into the residence time in the morning, midday or before sunset to avoid at night into the House.

    3, after move, regardless of the length of time, for the sake of family peace, wealth and prosperity, should hold a worship of God, put a small string of firecrackers at home.

    4, if one day when there is no JI, first place, wait until bed time to remove the positioning.

    5, a pregnant woman is best not to move, if not move not, advisable to purchase a brand new broom, sweep to move all furniture by pregnant women, not to tire God.