Moving notice

    currently referred to move, raise many, many disputes will forever pain, not be ripped off by unscrupulous industry, which was extortion, furniture destroyed injuries became less, costly gas suggest moving it, on the first day to move. It's OK to completely eradicate the move dispute, the moving company we teach you how to get started.

    moving company reference moving mileage, residential floors have height, large refrigerator, large screen television, fragile goods, high-grade

    furniture and other items, as well as manual handling charge move distance of hepatitis b symptoms.

    moving mileage of no more than 15 km (refers to the distance from the site to the new site, does not include moving distances in front of the new vehicle), and no cases of the above factors, each handling a train, common moving vehicles for 160 Yuan, fully enclosed moving truck to be slightly more expensive, usually starts at 180 yuan/train. If you follow our saying you did nothing to move disputes.