Moving notice

    everyone had heard the voice of China News, said some vehicles drivers need to learn, learn to drive technology.

    moving company driver Van drivers, also in the context of the return and recycling.

    This means that the drivers of many moving companies will lose a lot of time.

    reportedly said the study does not like like driver's license, but to live many times in a year, which is even more problematic, if a moving company in Shenzhen has more than one driver is OK, if a driver, just in time for the drivers to learn, just happens to be one of long distance moving, and that's big.

    in fact, the moving company truck driver drove very well, generally a year of driver its not the driver of the bus company in Shenzhen.

    It is understood that several big moving company has more cars and a car and a driver, even to learn should not be made, and has little effect on business, moving the driver if all must be to learn, most affected are those with only one small car moving teams.