Moving notice

    talking about moving companies in "high risk", you would say, workers moving company moving things is to help others do not, what is this dangerous? Any talk about a "high risk"? In fact, said a "high risk" is not moving the employee's physical life, look below you will see. It's just a metaphor.

    We all know, many big things in the process of moving, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, piano should not be moved. High floor, a man carrying a fridge, more than 100 kilos down stairs, stairs, down the stairs and the most uncomfortable, wouldn't it be dangerous? More than this, the most deadly is they customers are not allowed to touch, it would be more difficult, and moving expenses also afford a refrigerator as a whole. So this is high risk.

    not just refrigerator, also has piano, this guy and heavy and difficult moved, corridor was on narrow, again plus these factors, appeared accident of probability is big, Qian paragraph time has a customer is moved piano, altogether only received 300 block money, in handling in the, corridor too narrow, rub injury a bit moved workers not is, also put piano bump has about, and someone to customer repair of. This down, this live in vain, odor movers were also hurt. This is high risk.