Moving notice

    as long as we pay attention to the information about Feng Shui, you can often hear reflective said. So what exactly is reflective? If the family happens to similar or really reflective of, and should be applied as they say "g"? Moving? Only move? Is there a way to g brake does not need to move it?

    although the move has been less hard, just ready to be moved before moving company on the line. After all, Chinese people usually don't want to casually move, unless you have a better or a last resort can choose move. So, what to except the evil spirit?

    in Feng Shui taboo article emphasizes reflective big fierce, calling it a "reflective". Past reflective are mostly caused by buildings of ponds, rivers, when the rocking light when reflected in the Interior, forming a reflective. In addition, whenever encountered across the glass exterior walls of the building outside the window, three point corner buildings of "evil spirit", it could affect the people in the House. In fact, reflective is fierce, is not to crack, but also do not need to move to. Method is very simple: as long as the direction by envelope, and matching of different curtains can g. 如:

    1. Roman curtains blocked the North water envelope

    pulling up Roman shade, can greatly cut up, characteristic of such a sharp pull up sharply, in Feng Shui point of view belongs to the "Earth", and "Earth" g "water" principle, g the North is "water" envelope.

    2. aluminium Venetian blinds block the Eastern and South-Eastern wood envelope

    If the result came in East and South-East is the secondary wood and aluminum curtains using a gold envelope works.

    3. water curtain blocking water envelope

    This modeling elegant curtains because of wavy, so Feng Shui point of view belongs to the "water" to g from the South is "fire" envelope.

    4. rayon curtain out West and Northwest gold envelope

    on Feng Shui, man-made fibres are "fire", with a block from the West or Northwest is "gold" class.

    5. wood Venetian blinds block the Northeast and Southwest soil result

    If you are from the Northeast and the Southwest "soil" envelope is available for "wood" wood Venetian blinds block brake. If the wooden curtains are too expensive, too heavy can also plant paper or cloth curtains replaced, have the same g.

    6. curtains block light

    If the window is glass curtain wall building, glass curtain walls can reflect the Sun's light, sea water into the housing to form a "light", makes a person feel instability, mental problems, close the curtains to open until sunset, sunset glass curtain wall building only as a mirror, without result. If the window of neon, under day and night curtain, then the "evil spirit" is not a problem.