While moving the most hardest we do not forget the "filial piety" Word

    We moved the company to have a person with filial piety, him no matter what he has to go back home, what is called "filial piety"? Some people say: "filial piety is to respect their elders, not hypocrites. "He can render a person's character.

    If a person is not "filial piety" is uneducated, would be disgusted by their peers, and alienates others, will let parents very sad. So if a person is not filial piety is a very serious matter. Conversely, "filial piety" and be loved and respected. Because only know how considerate older, be considerate of others, only know how to respect their elders, will treat people with respect. "Filial piety" is so important, how do we do it?

    I think we can start from the dribs and drabs of life. "Filial piety" although they are only two simple words, but it contains an unlimited number of content also has a profound meaning. It makes Grandpa and Grandma MOM and dad happy, family harmony. Hope that everyone can be a "filial piety" of people.

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