Moving day and moved some of the problems we will encounter

    before the move, move, move all of us need to be prepared, if the are many things that you need to have some moving arrangements, but also the list of moving companies, which are required to arrange their own. We need to pack everything before moving and moving companies to communicate well. Also needs to be sorted out all the new homes there, this move will be more smooth. Before I move notes have already said very detailed, I will say no more here. Here after the next move and move the note, which will need to make arrangements prior to the move.


    before the movers arrive to new lives in the scrap on the floor, so as not to scratch the floor, this is to be aware of, many personnel are not organized enough, is too busy to remember when moving, and when moving in to decorate, it would be too hasty. So it needs to be.

    before starting the move, best moving company and confirm prices, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes in the late.

    and the movers say, what is valuable and what is breakable. Best when they are moved to new homes and on the spot where workers placed large, so even after you go off and swing. With the moving company before closing, be sure to check your stuff, check the valuables is good.

    after the move:

    moved Hou on need himself to finishing you of new homes has, will ground, and table, and Chair, and Cabinet, wipe clean; put some daily essential of items finishing return bit, guarantee normal of life order; first finishing common of items, some usually basic without of things can put into storage between yihou again finishing; Dang home items basic in place, room also clean clean Hou, finishing clothing, and bed, and tablecloth,; last, room in can free placed some decorative real, Beautify your home. These do not have to speak, I believe everyone will tidy your home.

    If you experience damage, moving company afford the maintenance costs should be invited, if damage should compensate the product; for damaged valuables, shall request the relevant compensation to the sector valuation; moving company caused personal injury, moving company should be responsible for medical bills if claims disputes, you can find consumer association or related Department to solve.