Moved note to move some of the details in the contract

    moving is a very important thing, there are many moving companies offer moving services now moved. When we signed contracts with moving companies need to pay attention to some of the issues, this moving company in Shenzhen told you in moving problems when signing.

    move this thing to pay attention to some details. We first determine when signing up moving companies at the same time to reach the service number and number of cars, and to determine the location, removal of dates and handling time. If you choose a package, indicating the content of moving goods, contract to indicate we need to walk away, it is best to reserve parking spaces in order to avoid increasing walking distance charges;

    also pay special attention to the valuation methods for moving companies, reported prices including tax, and gross vehicle weight and height of the load, damage and coordinate with the moving company's principles. If the selected day is moving day for moving companies to determine as soon as possible, to avoid effect move late to check in time, can take the initiative to provide compensation for being late, and be sure to confirm that the contracts are properly covered moving company size chapter of ankylosing spondylitis symptoms.

    and we need to be aware, at the time of signing, the moving company charged the deposit should not exceed the carrying amount of 10%; receipt of deposit are to be documented in the contract, in order to avoid future disputes that have been charged a deposit or not. Once the move after conclusion of contract, regardless of whether the implementation of the written contract, if people when it is not the performance of the contract, the moving company is entitled to demand compensation for the total amount does not exceed the original estimate of 10%.