Moved need to pay attention to which

    read about recently moved some of the stress, especially for new House is in need of attention. To consider front a lot of moving, what we need to do before and after moving. For moving some of the stress, maybe we don't know enough, Nanshan moving company you look at moving below what we need to do. Go be more auspicious.

    first moved to light on the day, moving day night all the lights inside the House should be open to all the next day, Wang and endless. If stress all the lights should be lit for three days and three nights, to Wang house effect.

    moved to worship the ground on the day, the most important thing not to forget, it's moving day to worship the ground this afternoon, that is, every room in the House of God, pray for her and do not disturb people who live here. Her worship and burn incense ceremony according to the different options, Dr Cheng sincerely hopes that all moving buddy Gu Qian Joe, good luck.

    If there is a God, in the family, we must advance moving into a worship and, when it comes to choosing an auspicious day and time leaning against the wall but not to, waiting for the time when seated, place it is best to find a dragon to sit on the bed.

    also have to watch for help moving buddy signs, traditional science that: move to helper is the best Zodiac Rooster or the Dragon, Tiger is avoided.

    moving the day's sleep pay attention to moving day of not taking a NAP in his new home, after the otherwise vulnerable to disease. Sleep that night, he will lie down in a matter of minutes after working for a while, suggesting that sleep also. Moving to Geely, Geely, and moved the same day not to get angry, never swearing, in particular not to scold a child. Must say Geely, Geely.

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