Get everything ready to make your move easier!

    move was a big deal, especially new House is, we need to be prepared before the move, if the distance if you need longer, then you need in advance to reserve a vehicle moving company delay time. Once again you do not pack in advance, don't lose things, some things to carry alone, so must be prepared before the move, so that can make you move more smoothly.

    1, and some items need demolition, and classification, and package and do mark: first in moved Qian will various items demolition, and by daily will supplies (as office supplies, and child of textbooks and stationery or toilet supplies,), and clothes, and books and clean supplies (as rag, and clean agent), classification bundled strong; while with Mark pen in box outside indicate box within by loaded of items content, best number, so as not to forget box within content and in handling Shi missed.

    2, small and small items can boxing boxing as much as possible, do not loose to avoid handling scattered lost. Note that parts and keys, remove items, retractable parts and keys especially must pay attention to avoid Assembly difficulties.

    3, high-end furniture, be sure to pack in case damaged most troublesome. Furniture should be emptied, and fixed, locked

    4, notifies the neighborhood or property sector scheduled to move time, set aside new, site spaces, so as to avoid moving company cars parking nearby, obstacle removed in advance within the corridor, residential doors can open in a timely manner, public facilities such as elevators are working. Phone, mail migration best to migrate such as phone, mail, mobile phones, paging companies to prepare battery and boot to facilitate contacts throughout the day.