Friends move away, what good do I get?

    because we are a big deal, especially moved that is. Moved in China we celebrate family and friends came to congratulate. What if a friend move we giving gifts housewarming?

    gift cannot be too cheesy, not too expensive, no matter what, relationships are most important.

    can send traditional gifts: couplet, he painted, murals, antique vases, etc.

    can also send household items, these are practical, such as requiring the installation of necessities of life in the new, table lamps, electric brooms, laundry baskets and the like can be.

    is an ornament, flower pots, pottery, porcelain and so on.

    moving day can also send flowers, the flowers may be placed on the kitchen table or in the living room. Or 112 bottles of wine or a bottle of champagne. If the person is younger colleagues and friends, you can send the rich ethnic furnishings, looks very exotic. If you are moving an older colleagues and friends, you can send a bouquet of flowers on a piece of paper with wishes cards,

    so when giving gifts, but these can be based on the actual situation, send is not a thing, but friendship.